Mortgage Rate Forecaster™ is the result of our founder, Robert D. Ashby, taking his mortgage rate forecasting to the next level.  Having started the first blog dedicated to mortgage rate forecasting and proving he has the highest accuracy rate over the past 6 years, Mortgage Rate Forecaster™ has already had quite a following among mortgage professionals and consumers alike.   However, something was lacking in Mr. Ashby’s vision for the future in this endeavor.  One thing to keep in mind is that while Mortgage Rate Forecaster™ is designed with the mortgage professional in mind, other real estate professionals may find the service beneficial to them, if only to ensure they are working with a mortgage professional that is following sound advice in their recommendations for your clients.

The result is Mortgage Rate Forecaster™, which began by incorporating Mr. Ashby’s blogging expertise among multiple sites, namely Florida Mortgage Daily and Lenderama, and combined them into one service that provides a “big picture” approach to mortgage rate forecasting, not just the typically daily approach other rate alert services provide.  The benefit is that you do not lose money following inaccurate mortgage rate alerts, particularly lock alerts, that are merely knee-jerk reactions to market volatility and typical movements within the trend.  Most of these rate alert services claim to be experts in technical analysis, but it begs to question why the issue these mortgage rate alerts without some explanation on how to use them properly, or even go on to explain the validity of the mortgage rate alert in the first place.  The bottom line is if you follow these mortgage rate alerts you will find yourselves wondering if they truly are experts.  That being said, they do have their place in your “advice seeker” portfolio, as it is always good to seek multiple opinions before deciding your own course.  The Bible even says so.

While Mortgage Rate Forecaster™ began as merely providing the “big picture” approach to forecasting mortgage rates, its plans are to expand from there.   One avenue is a new venture in offering subscribers more marketing exposure.  This is offered through the Mortgage Market Weekly radio show on BlogTalkRadio, where subscribers will be allowed to offer their own insights on what happened in the markets the prior week and where they think mortgage rates are headed.  After that, subscribers will essentially be interviewed on “hot” topics in the mortgage industry, allowing subscribers to display their expertise and utilize the show as an additional marketing tool.

A professional forum will also be added down the road, offering subscribers the ability to refer other mortgage professionals loans they are unable to offer and to discuss topics across the spectrum of real estate, and beyond.  In fact, you will likely see us discussing our views on the economy and even the stock market, maybe even individual stocks as well.  There will be virtually no limits on what you can discuss within reason, but there will also be strict penalties for violation of its policies once operational.

Eventually, Mortgage Rate Forecaster™ plans to have live, interactive charts of mortgage backed securities for those that would like them.   The time frame for this offering is not set, though it is a high priority and will be added as quickly as possible.  Essentially live economic charts will be offered as well so you will have quick access to review economic data within minutes of its release and the ability to review prior reports, including highlights for various key speeches.

The bottom line is that Mortgage Rate Forecaster™ is the best place for the “big picture” approach to mortgage rate forecasts and, over time, will be the best service for mortgage professionals, and others, around.

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