Mortgage Rate Forecasts

Our mortgage rate forecasts don’t dwell solely on today’s market movement.  Rather, our forecasts are based on solid technical analysis and take into account the “bigger picture”.   We know that markets can be extremely volatile at times and drastic moves today do not necessarily break the overall trend.  That means that while today may lead to worse mortgage rate pricing, if the trend is unbroken, down the road will likely be better mortgage rate pricing than today.  No other mortgage rate service provides this outlook to the level we do.  Not Mortgage Market Guide.  Not TBWS’s Rate Alert.   Nobody.

With our forecasts, you will not lose money over false alerts to lock or float that lead to premature actions.  Over the last several months (April 2010 – August 2010), there have been countless false alerts to lock that have ultimately cost each of you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.  When you factor in how many loans got locked, the losses could even end up into the millions!  Wouldn’t you have liked to recover some of that money for yourself?  Absolutely, and with Mortgage Rate Forecaster™, you can.

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