Forum for All Real Estate Professionals

Mortgage Rate Forecaster™ will be adding a forum to the website to allow subscribers the opportunity to discuss related topics and even post referrals to other professionals whether mortgage or not.  The forum will even allow for postings beyond the real estate market, though there will be limits.  This will be a great place to offer referrals to other members for those clients you are unable to serve directly.  Additionally, it will be a great location to network with other professionals, both local and across the nation.

Within the forum we will offer the opportunity to interact with fellow members, assist fellow members with their questions, discuss various topics related to mortgages and real estate, and even post referrals.  Other topics outside of real estate may also be discussed, though limits will be set as we would like to keep this professional.  We will also maintain a very strict policy, penalizing anyone who cannot stay within guidelines.  We want this forum to be an excellent tool for each and every member.

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