Technical Analysis

When it comes to technical analysis, we are unmatched in our expertise.  Technical analysis is as much an art as it is science, creating a virtual “crystal ball” to see into the future and predict where mortgage rates are moving with a high degree of accuracy.  While there are courses online that can teach the patterns, it is through practice that one actually develops this skill and our primary forecaster has mastered this skill.

When you look at a chart of mortgage backed securities, or mortgage bonds, what do you see?  Our forecasters see not just a bunch of lines and candlesticks, seeing the underlying short-term, medium-term and even long-term trends and warning sings within minutes.  They can then take that picture and match it with upcoming events, including economic data, and predict where mortgage rates are moving, and even whether or not the economic data will likely be better or worse than expected.  That kind of insight is priceless, yet you can access it through subscribing to our service and you will be protected from knee-jerk reactions to real-time market movements and protect your clients as well.

The reality is that markets can be extremely volatile on any given day, but that only affects pricing for that day.  Sure, you may get a re-price for the worse, but if the trend is intact, prices will rebound and improve within the next day or so.  That means that if you, or your client, has a few days to wait before having to lock, don’t succumb to these false alerts.  Millions of dollars have been lost as a result of mortgage professionals reacting too quickly, without having the “bigger picture” in mind.  There is only one way to protect yourself from a false alert, subscribe to Mortgage Rate Forecaster™ and know if an alert is false or not.

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