Weekly Mortgage Rate Forecasts

We have incorporated the weekly recaps and forecasts for the week that have been found on various websites, such as Lenderama and ActiveRain over the years.  These weekly mortgage rate forecasts will now only be found if you are a subscriber to Mortgage Rate Forecaster™ and will distributed as an email newsletter.

The forecasts will maintain the prior format, though changes may be made to increase its value to you, our clients.  The newsletters will continue to cover what happened the prior week, what lies ahead on the economic calendar, including speeches that had been scheduled prior to the newsletters distribution (sometimes speeches get added later), fairly detailed technical analysis and finalized with a summary of our recommended strategy at the time.  Keep in mind that change happens, sometimes very quickly, so don’t rely solely on what we have to say in these reports, though our recommended strategies have played out nearly perfectly almost every week.

We will continue to run our Mortgage Market Weekly show and we will give priority to our members when it comes to booking guests.  No other service does this.  We will allow you to provide your own insights on mortgage rate forecasts and we will cover a “hot” topic within the mortgage industry, essentially interviewing you on that topic.  More information on the radio show will be provided to our subscribers.

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